Welcome to the Mad Tatter!

The Mad Tatter, located in Bowling Green, KY is a quality-focused tattoo and piercing studio staffed with an expert team of artists. Our artists have a passion for great artwork, helping clients, and improving their craft.

Currently in our new location at 923 Broadway Avenue in Bowling Green, the Mad Tatter has been providing high-quality body art to the community since 2016.

Our mission is to beautify the world while encouraging people to be themselves and love who they are!

We accomplish that by providing each of our clients with refined, beautiful body art that perfectly showcases who they are. 


In addition to our main shop, The Mad Tatter also operates a mobile tattoo shop out of a converted school bus! You can catch the bus and our team at events across the country.

To learn more about the bus and how it came to be, stop by the shop or look out for our upcoming blog post!

Check out our events page to see where you can catch up with the bus near you!

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