Our Shop

In August of 2020, The Mad Tatter received an outstanding, yet sudden, opportunity. We were quick to pounce on it and as a result we moved into our new home at 923 Broadway Avenue!

We spent an incredible amount of time and energy on preparing the shop. We now had the chance and the space to create the shop The Mad Tatter was always destined to become. We only accomplished this with all of your dedicated support at our previous locations! We had each and every one of you in our minds while creating this new shop.

When you step in off of Broadway, you’ll notice our open lobby with a a couch and pool table, bright new booths for our artists to shine under, and the wildly custom floors.

Moving throughout the shop, we have an eclectic mix of local art and assorted trinkets. If you haven’t seen the truly incredible mural on the side of our building by some of our artists, both past and present, then you will certainly want to check that out!