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Tap-Out Session: Are You Up For The Challenge?

    Most tattoo shops, including The Mad Tatter, typically price tattoos based on an hourly rate. If you’re wanting a large or complex piece, those hours can quickly add up. One way that we try to help out is by offering the Tap-Out session.

Updated 1/27/2024: Post updated to reflect price changes.
Updated 2/5/2022: Post edited to reflect price changes and include the new Half-Tap Session.

What is A Tap-Out Session, Exactly?

The Tap-Out session is one of our most popular offers. It allows you to book an artist for a full 8 hour day during the week (Monday through Thursday) at a discounted rate. We typically charge $175 an hour for tattoos, which is a fairly standard rate for the industry and our area. The Tap-Out session brings the hourly rate down to just $150, giving you the full 8 hour day for $1200. If you pay for the same 8 hours at the normal rate, you’re looking at $1400. 

tap-out tattoo by Mike Millirones
Tap-Out Tattoo by Mike M.

There’s clearly a huge cost advantage to the Tap-Out session, but there are definitely more benefits. First, it’s nice to get a lot of work finished in one sitting. This prevents having to make several appointments and come back again later. 

If you want a smaller piece, or aren’t quite ready to throw down that much money, that’s fine too!

There’s nothing wrong with that. We get it. People have limited schedules and budgets and we definitely can help accommodate that as well. If you are able, we definitely recommend taking advantage of the savings! We can always book a Tap-Out appointment for a little ways off if need be. 

How Much Real Estate Is That?

So, how much can be done in 8 hours? Well, like most things, it depends. Something with skin breaks in the artwork, such as Trash Polka, will be able to cover much more ground than realism or portrait tattoos that require tedious, precision shading. Additionally, larger pieces, such as full sleeves or back tattoos will almost always require multiple Tap-Outs. We’ve included a few pictures of Tap-Out work to help give you an idea. 

tap-out tattoo by Alex Jennings
Tap-Out Tattoo

To get this party started, The Mad Tatter requires a $100 deposit for Tap-Outs. A lot of prep is involved for the artwork and we block the artist off for the entire day. Don’t worry, that deposit comes out of the total cost once you’re all finished up with your appointment!

The Tap-Out is definitely the best deal we offer here at The Mad Tatter and its popularity shows.

The Half-Tap Session

In February 2022, The Mad Tatter began offering the Half-Tap Session. We took the spirit of our full day Tap-Out and opened it up to some smaller pieces. The Half-Tap is a 4 hour session priced at $600.

Don’t forget, if you’re an active-duty servicemember or veteran, you will receive a $125/hr rate.

Regardless of whether you’re ready to throw down for the entire day or just get something small for starters, The Mad Tatter can turn your idea into a beautiful work of body art!

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