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Ready to book an appointment for your tattoo or piercing? We’re happy to help!

Below you’ll find all of the info you’ll need on how to book an appointment with us here at The Mad Tatter.

Tattoo Appointments

Looking to book a tattoo appointment with us? The first thing you’ll need to do is select which one of our artists you’d like to make your appointment with!

Once you have an artist in mind, click the link below to set up a time for the consultation.

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If you don’t have a preference, you’re welcome to swing by anytime and when an artist is available, we will chat with you and get all of the details worked out!

We require consultations before booking an appointment for a number of reasons.

Tattoos are permanent; there are also many variables that go into even the most seemingly simple pieces. Sorting out all of these details in person gives us an opportunity to ask questions and make clarifications.

We are also able to determine an accurate size. All of this will ultimately provide you with the best custom tattoo possible.

That does mean that we aren’t able to quote tattoos over the web or phone.

Once you and your artist feel confident about the game plan, we’ll have an accurate price quote and time estimate and can proceed to find your time slot!

To book a tattoo appointment with us, we require a $50 deposit on standard tattoo sessions and a $100 deposit on all Tap-Out sessions. The deposit secures your spot and comes off of the total cost of the tattoo once you’re all done; you’ll just owe the remaining balance when the tattoo is finished!

Head over to our blog for more info about the planning and design stages of your tattoo experience!

Piercing Appointments

While an appointment isn’t necessary for most of the piercings we offer, certain locations and situations do require an appointment and consultation before booking.

 We are unable to perform any piercings for children or minors under the age of 16.

Just a reminder, if you are wanting any piercings for a minor ages 16-17, we will need the minor’s state-issued photo ID, in addition to having a parent or legal guardian present for the piercing with their state-issued photo ID. We will not be able to perform any piercings without these. Additionally, piercings for minors should be set by appointment. Feel free to give us a call with any questions!

Mad Tatter Piercing Collage

Piercings that need a consultation before booking an appointment include:

  • Tapering & Punches
  • Bridge & Vertical Bridge
  • Transversal Lobe
  • Snake Eyes
  • Scoop
  • Cheeks
  • Genitals

Let’s Do It!

The button below will take you to our booking app where you can get the ball rolling!

If you have any questions before booking, Just click one of the buttons below to give us a call or chat with us on Facebook Messenger!