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Veteran Owned and Operated: The Mad Tatter

    Happy Veteran’s Day from The Mad Tatter! Here at the shop, we have the highest respect and appreciation for our service members.  This year, we are extremely grateful to have 2 veterans on staff. In fact, the owner/artist of The Mad Tatter, Mike, is a veteran; as well as our shop manager!

Skin Tear ACU Tattoo
Skin Tear ACU Tattoo

After The Military

    The military provides plenty of obscure skills that go with you for the rest of your life. The discipline, focus, and attention to detail gained from serving help immensely with being a tattoo artist. 

Putting art on someone’s body for the rest of their lives is a stressful thing. Fortunately, the ability to stay calm under pressure and create something beautiful is certainly an asset that our veterans possess.

Veteran to Veteran

    Camaraderie is a strong force in the military. Placing that level of trust in your team members is what helps you all succeed. The same holds true here at the shop. We strive to create an excellent atmosphere for both our clients and our employees. The result is great work that leaves everyone happy at the end of the day!

Have You Seen The World?

    Many service members and their families are well-traveled. Their travels provide them with a great deal of exposure to different cultures and experiences.

10th Mountain Division Tattoo
10th Mountain Division Tattoo

Thankfully, traveling also allows soldiers to take in different types of artwork from architecture and fine art to cuisine and clothing. Artists are constantly taking in their surroundings and looking for inspiration. Each artist’s own style is continually evolving and is always a nice representation of their cumulative experiences.

    Having more than one veteran on staff, I’m sure you can imagine how excited we get about military or vet tattoos! Tattoos are a large part of military culture. A high concentration of tattoo shops is found outside of military bases across the world. That makes sense; through tattoos, we can show off our branch of service, our jobs, and the units we were attached to. Many service members and their families use tattoos as a way to pay tribute to fallen comrades.

Combat Medic Tattoo
Combat Medic Tattoo

    Let’s all come together this Veteran’s Day and support our veterans, current service members, and their families! If you or a family member are a veteran and want to get some ink to show the world, get with us to schedule your appointment

We hope you all have a happy Veteran’s Day and send a huge thank you to all of our current and past members of the armed forces for their service! 

If you’re a vet or a family member who is experiencing a crisis, please reach out to these folks and stick around to fight the good fight with us!

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