Mad Tatter Summer Updates

Hello everyone! We hope you’re enjoying this warmer weather as everything is reopening! The Mad Tatter is constantly striving to improve and grow and we have a few updates we’d like to share with all of you.

2020 had no shortage of challenges. We’ve pulled through thanks to the support from our wonderful clients and the hard work of our team.

Our Big Move

As many of you probably know, we took a big leap in the fall of 2020. The Mad Tatter moved into an eclectic new space that’s over 3x the size of our previous location. It was exciting to have the freedom to design our space and let our creativity shine!

Our location on Broadway Avenue in Bowling Green is quite memorable with the vibrant murals and graffiti art encompassing the exterior of the shop. It’s hard to miss, and constantly changing. Be sure to take a peek whenever you’re in the neighborhood!

The new shop has allowed us to grow and thrive in all the right ways. Our lobby and booths are spacious and house some of Southern Kentucky’s top tattoo talent.

We have also been able to take on a few apprentices during this time. It has truly been a pleasure guiding their journey as they learn our trade and grow as professional artists.

We have big plans in store for the space that will benefit both our clients and our team.

Baxter Racing Sponsored by The Mad Tatter

The Mad Tatter is now the official sponsor of race driver Cody Baxter and his team! You can check out Cody and the car at the Highland Rim Speedway and Whitesville Speedway. It has been a great experience supporting an up and coming driver and we look forward to many fun-filled laps ahead!

Our Online Store

Early in 2021, we launched The Mad Tatter Online Store featuring a wide selection of T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and plenty of other merch!

We have a limited selection of these items available in the shop as well. The designs are those of some of our employees and artists! We’ve had a blast putting together these goodies and there’s always more to come.

Booking Online

In June of 2021, we made a transition to an online booking system. Through this service, we are able to offer online booking for tattoo consultations and piercings.

Anyone can book an appointment or consultation through various links on our website, our Facebook page, and on our Google listing.

After picking an available time that works for you, you will receive a link to a form where we ask about some of the details of the tattoo you’re looking to get.

When you show up for the consultation, the artist has this information and is able to sit down with you and develop the design further. Seeing the location in person and having the opportunity to ask questions allows us to give you an estimated cost and find our soonest availability for that period of time.

For more information, head over to our Booking page!

Website Facebook Chat

You may have noticed the purple Facebook Chat button on our website recently. This feature allows visitors of the site to chat with us using either their Facebook account or as a guest! The chats go directly to the shop’s Facebook Messenger Inbox, just as if you had reached out to us from FB.

The chat feature extends our most popular means of communication to viewers like you!

We're Just Getting Started

Some big changes have occured in the last year and we have no plans to stop any time soon. Continuing to offer a premium service to our clients in an incredible atmosphere will always be the focus of our growth and the future of The Mad Tatter.

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