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Tattoo Artist
Not much is known about Deuce’s birth, some say he was hatched on a farm somewhere in Missouri. We do know he grew up bouncing back and forth between Missouri and that other country called Texas.

It was at an early age where he began drawing, as soon as he could hold a crayon. Living on a farm afforded him the time to draw a lot. Right after high school, he decided to sign his life away to this great nation. After years of sacrifice and service to our country, he was allowed to return to civilian life. It took him several years to be housebroken, but never really lost his feral side. Careful, it shows up when least expected.

After transitioning back to a somewhat civilized life, he began dedicating his life to the learning the craft of tattooing. Over the years he has become a diverse artist, accomplished in all styles of tattooing from semi-photo realism to complex cover-ups and even repairs of older tattoos. He does enjoy tattooing American traditional, neo-traditional, black and grey, and color, basically he just enjoys creating good tattoo art.
Black and Grey