8 Reasons You Should Get A Professional Tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent mark on your body. It’s important to think carefully about where you want it and how big it will be. Most importantly, who do you trust enough to do it? It may be tempting to sit down at your buddy’s kitchen table and let them go to town on your skin. First, do yourself a favor and consider all of the reasons why your tattoo should be done by a professional.

1. Professional tattoo artists are more consistent

Tattoo artists have more experience and know how to handle the equipment better. This is important because the size of needles, amount of ink used, and how long a tattoo will take all depend on the artist’s skill level. Also, professional tattoo artists know what kind of techniques are needed for your skin. They’ll also know how to avoid mistakes during the process, which cannot be changed once they are done. This means you get a better outcome that lasts longer than if you were to do it yourself at home with cheap supplies!

Matt Cross, Tattoo Artist

2. Pro tattoos look better

Here’s the deal: if you want your tattoo to look good, then get it done by an experienced professional. The pros have a better understanding of their craft and know how to use color and shading to create depth in their work. They also work in an environment that allows for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, which helps them stay on top of trends and best practices.

Additionally, these artists have reputations at stake—they’re committed to quality! That means they’ll be more conscientious about what they do for you. They know that every piece represents their name for years after the fact. Professionals take pride in their work and in providing the best experience for their clients.

3. A professional tattoo lasts longer

With high quality ink, the tattoo artist can create a design that lasts for decades or more. The professional tattoo artists follow strict standards when it comes to how the skin is prepared for your new ink. Through an apprenticeship under a licensed artist, they learn how to properly apply this ink into your skin. These standards reduce the risk of infection or other complications occurring during the process.

Make sure that you go to an experienced artist who knows what they’re doing so that they can create something beautiful and lasting for you!

4. You can ask pro artists about best options

A professional tattoo artist can offer you advice on what will look good on your body. They can also help you choose the right size and location. Artists working together in a creative environment encounter more situations than just their own. We help each other out and share tips and tricks between one another.

Shady Sherfey, Tattoo Artist

If you are thinking of getting another tattoo, ask your artist about their portfolio or look at their website to see if they have previous work that you like. Make sure that artist matches the style of tattoo you want to get. If they’re not a match, a pro will be able to refer you to someone, often in the same shop, who specializes in that style.

5. Tattoo shops are inspected and regulated

The first thing you should look for when choosing a tattoo artist is cleanliness. The artist should be clean as well as the space they work in. This means they should have good hygiene and open any needles or cartridges in front of you. You want to see them wash their hands before touching your skin or opening packages and disposables for use on you.

A professional tattoo artist should have no problem answering any questions about health, safety, sanitation and hygiene related to your tattoo. Make sure that they have proper insurance coverage so if there are any issues with the procedure itself or complications afterwards then it isn’t going to cost a fortune.

Check out their Health Inspections; they should be clearly posted in the shop. In most areas, the local health department conducts inspections and regulates for tattoo businesses. They’re experts at looking at businesses and making sure they check all of the boxes to keep you safe.

6. They provide aftercare education and products

Tattoo artists, who are trained to handle these situations, are your best bet for getting inked. This is because they know how to make sure that you’re comfortable and relaxed, which is key. Licensed tattoo shops also have access to a wide variety of products that can help you care for your tattoo aftercare needs. More importantly, they have a list of items that aren’t recommended for use on tattoos (like rubbing alcohol or petroleum jelly), so you don’t end up causing any damage by using the wrong thing.

If there’s something wrong with your tattoo or something else comes up after you leave the shop, contact them right away! The artist will be able to give recommendations on what course of action would work best depending on what kind of problem occurred during the process.

7. Ongoing Support

Whether you’re planning to get a tattoo or already have one, professional artists can help ensure that it has the best chance of surviving the healing process. A professional will be able to answer your questions and guide you through any complications that may arise during the healing process. They also provide ongoing support after your session is over, helping you understand how to maintain your new ink so it lasts for years to come.

If you have follow-up questions, or just want to make sure of something during the healing process, by all means reach out! You can give us a call, message us on Facebook, or swing by the shop during business hours to go over any concerns or questions you may have.

8. You'll leave satisfied with the result

When you go to a professional, they’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the process and what it involves. They will also help ensure that the tattoo is done properly from start to finish. This means that when your tattoo session is over, you’ll leave satisfied with the result. You won’t feel rushed or pressured into getting something on your skin that wasn’t exactly what you wanted.

Many shops, including The Mad Tatter, require a consultation before booking an appointment. This part of the process ensures that we have all of the details to prepare your custom tattoo. You can expect a higher standard and ultimately a better tattoo when you consult with your artist beforehand.

No Contetst, Right?

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, it’s important to make sure that you are getting it done by a professional. You don’t want to end up with something that looks nothing like what you imagined or worse yet, has been infected with bacteria from unsanitary conditions in an unlicensed facility.

We hold ourselves to a high standard here at The Mad Tatter and invite you to come visit us and check out our space. If you’re ready to book a consultation, just click the button below and we’ll get started!